4D Info Component (Version v4.9rZ8)

In your On Startup method I would call the following code:

ARRAY TEXT($InstalledComponents_at;0)
COMPONENT LIST($InstalledComponents_at)
If (Find in array($InstalledComponents_at;"4D_Info_Report@")>0)
    $Run_Every_N_Minutes_i:=5  // default is 5 minutes delay, (pass 0 to stop the stored procedure).
$ReportFormat_i:=0  // default is 0, for full details on Tables
    EXECUTE METHOD("aa4D_NP_Schedule_Reports_Server";*;$Run_Every_N_Minutes_i;$ReportFormat_i)
EXECUTE METHOD("aa4D_NP_Reports_Max_Set_Limit";*;8064)  //  8064 = four weeks worth of reports
End if

Please create a new method aa4D_Host_GetDBParam with the Shared property selected in the method properties.
Use the following code:
// Method name: aa4D_Host_GetDBParam (must be shared with components)
$0 := -1 // Error, no parameter
If (Count parameters > 0)
    $0 := Get database parameter ($1)
End if

In your On Exit method I would call the following code:
ARRAY TEXT($InstalledComponents_at;0)
If (Find in array($InstalledComponents_at;"4D_Info_Report@")>0)
    EXECUTE METHOD("aa4D_NP_Schedule_Reports_Server";*;0)    // (pass 0 as $1 to stop the stored procedure)
End if


Current Release v17 .zip ..7z
  v16 .zip ..7z
  v15 .zip ..7z
Archived Versions v14 .zip ..7z
These versions v13 .zip .7z
are no longer v12 .zip .7z
updated. v11 .zip .7z


4D Info Report v4.9 Reference (Rev. 26 for v15, v16, and v17) Released on 2018-10-18, for v4.9rZ8
4D Info Report v4.9 Reference (Rev. 23 for v13 & v14)
4D Info Report v4.9 Reference (Rev. 22 for v12)
4D Info Report v4.5 Reference (for v11)


Current Release v15 - v17 .zip (131 KB) ..7z (94 KB)
Older Versions v12 - v14 .zip (126 KB) ..7z (94 KB)
Discontinued v11 .zip (112 KB) ..7z (82 KB)